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Stability test equipment
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Product [Walk-in test equipment]

This series of products are widely used in electronics, computer, communications industries,Pharmaceutical Chemicals ,etc.

Artistic design
The chamber consists of exterior-protected construction, air duct system, control system, interior test structure, etc. The crust uses cold-rolled sheet with electrostatic spray. Quality SUS304B stainless sheet is used inside. Chamber mainframe is assembled on-site with insulation board (colorized steel sheet on both sides with warm keeping material inside). Workroom dimension can be customized as required, which possesses some distinct features such as pleasant appearance, stable structure, convenient installation and short construction period. Observation windows can also be built in the wall for monitoring if necessary. What’s more, this equipment owns a scientific recirculating air duct to achieve the best evenness of temperature inside.

Control system
Imported true color LCD widescreen with RS232 & RS485 computer interface to realize man-machine conversation, online data transmission and remote control
Temperature detector: Pt100 test sensor (capacitive)
Heating system: NiCr electrical heater

Security system
Overheating of workroom, short circuit of heater protection
Safety device and power failure memory
Main power phase-sequence and open phase protection
System electric leakage protection

Technical parameter
Model THL-09 THL-10 THL-15 THL-30 THL-50 THL-80
Volume (m3) 9 10 15 30 80 120
Inside dimension (cm) D 250 280 300 500 700 800
W 200 200 250 300 500 500
H 180 180 200 200 250 300
Temperature controlling range A -20℃ ~100℃ B -40℃ ~250℃ C   RT+20℃~80℃ D RT+20℃~150℃
Humidity range 20%~98%RH
Temperature acuity 0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature evenness ±2℃
Timing range 1~9999min
Humiture control Fuji, TH300, TH500 (selective)
Standard configuration Operating manual, QC certificate, quality warranty;  one set of silastic plug, recorder (selective)
Supply voltage AC-380V      50/60HZ