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Stability test equipment
Stability test equipment
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Product [Stability test equipment]

This product is mainly applied in pharmaceutical industry, medicine, biotechnology and other industries related to life sciences. Through tests, whether the function of products is qualified or not can be known, facilitating product design, improvement, test and QC.

Artistic design
The crust uses cold-rolled sheet with electrostatic spray. Quality SUS304B stainless sheet is used inside. This equipment owns a scientific recirculating air duct to achieve the best evenness of temperature inside. Warm-keeping vacuum tempered glass in the chamber door keeps the test process monitored. Warm-keeping material: ultra-fine fiber glass, 300℃ temperature resistance
Sealing material: seal strip is made from silicone foam, 300℃ temperature resistance without deformation
Truckle: 3-inch versatile truckle with side brakes
Test lead hole: located in the left of workroom; opening the hole lid when using; duplex sealed

Heat system
Heating system employs NiCr electric heater
Quick heating response, accurate temperature control, high comprehensive heat efficiency
Even temperature on the exit; accurate temperature control; widely used with great adaptability

Humidifying system
Humidification system: all-stainless steel surface evaporation humidifier Dehumidifying system: humidifier evaporator coil using laminar flow contact with dew-point temperature dehumidification mode
Water supply system is automatically controlled.
Pharmaceutical plant environment is strict on humidity and cleanness. Improper humidity will degrade the drug and produce bacteria.

Control system
Imported true color LCD widescreen with RS232 & RS485 computer interface to realize man-machine conversation, online data transmission and remote control
Automatic temperature and humidity calculation to set proper frequency with control accuracy of 0.1℃ and 0.1% respectively
Operation time and remaining time, preset time and date
Chinese-English manual operation interface switching]
Data curve: previous curve, current curve
Communication: 232 interface, USB, NIC

Induction system
Temperature detector: Pt100 temperature sensor
Temperature detector: original imported humidity sensor without any maintenance, absolute accurate humidity control
Temperature sensor
Humidity sensor

Refrigerating system
Two sets of France hermetically sealed compressors, energy-saving design and efficient; using INEOS eco-friendly refrigerant 134a; Condenser mainly has the function of refrigeration, heat dissipation and evaporation, cooling down the compressor;
Evaporator is mainly used for intake pipe, reducing temperature and dehumidifying with cool air;
Auto-defrost system: balanced refrigeration; Based on unique and quick heat pump defrost technique, users can do non-stop work; effective in solving frost problems caused by continuous operation of evaporator
Eco-friendly refrigerant 134a;
Energy-saving design to reduce users’ operation cost

Modern technique
The manufacture of product uses laser cutting, numerical control plate shearing and bending. The crust uses cold-rolled sheet with electrostatic spray, which makes the chamber neat, delicate and smooth

Cleanness and eco-friendly design
Stainless sheet is used inside to make maintenance easier and cost reduced
No elements harming human beings and environment will produce during or after operation

Convenient maintenance
Automatic indication of failure on the controller, automatic shutting down to protect the equipment
Refrigeration compressor has pressure protection function to control the temperature of high-pressure pipe
Electric appliance control panel is on the bottom left of the equipment with locks for maintenance

Failure warning system
SMS warning function; 4-8 warning items; 1-10 mobile phones (whatever telecommunication service provider) can get warning information asap.
Warning content: overheating, over humidity, compressor overload, water shortage during humidifying

Security system
Overheating of workroom, short circuit or overload of heater protection
Overpressure, overload or fuel pressure of refrigerating machine
System electric leakage protection

Technical parameter
Structure Two test chambers Three test chambers
Model T-2A100 T-2A160 T-3A100 T-3A160 T-3A250
Volume (m3) 100 100 100 160 250
Inside dimension(cm) Depth*width*height Upper chamber with sunlight 35*50*60 40*60*70 Upper chamber 35*50*60 40*60*70 60*60*70
Lower chamber 35*50*60 40*60*70 60*60*70
Lower chamber 35*50*60 40*60*70 Right chamber with sunlight 35*50*100 40*60*120 60*60*120
Outside dimension (cm) Depth*width*height 87*66*186 97*76*196 95*140*198 100*150*215 120*150*215
Weight About 98.0KG About 120.0KG About 150.0KG About 180.0KG About 240.0KG
Upper limit of preheating temperature 220W/1.5 kw ( individual power source) 220W/1.8kw ( individual power source) 2200W/2.0 kw ( individual power source ) 220W/3.0 kw ( individual power source ) 220W/3.0 kw ( individual power source )
Tray 4 4 7 7 7
Temperature controlling range 0℃~+65℃  without sunlight        10℃~+65℃ with sunlight
Illuminance 0-6000LUX
Humidity range 20~98%R.H
Acuity 0.1℃
Fluctuation ±0.1℃
Temperature deviation ±2℃
Evenness ±2℃
Humidity  deviation  ±1.5%R.H
Refrigeration system Imported TECUMSEH refrigeration equipment from France and Brazil
Controller Imported color LCD control, curve and operation time display
Standard configuration Operating manual, QC certificate, quality warranty, one set of silastic plug
Operative norm Latest pharmaceutical industrial standard, USA standard such as ICH (Q1A, Q1B), FDA, EN, GMP, etc.