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Stability test equipment
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Product [Humiture test equipment]

This equipment is mainly used for electric and electronic products, components and other materials. Based on national standard or customized requirements, it can make environment simulation test on the physical and other relevant features so as to evaluate whether its performance conforms to the requirements or not for design, improvement, assessment and QC.

Artistic design
The crust uses cold-rolled sheet with electrostatic spray. Quality SUS304B stainless sheet is used inside. This equipment owns a scientific recirculating air duct to achieve the best evenness of temperature inside.

Control system
Imported true color LCD widescreen with RS232 & RS485 computer interface to realize man-machine conversation, online data transmission and remote control Temperature detector: Pt100 test sensor (capacitive)
Heating system: NiCr electrical heater
Humidification system: all-stainless steel surface evaporation humidifier
Dehumidifying system: humidifier evaporator coil using laminar flow contact with dew-point temperature dehumidification mode
Water supply system is automatically controlled.

Refrigerating system
Operational principle: refrigeration cycle usually employs reversed Carnot style, which consists of two isothermal stages and two adiabatic stages with the following details: refrigerant gets higher pressure by compressor and consumes work and produce higher temperature of the exhaust. Later heat exchange happens between refrigerant and the surroundings through condenser isothermally. And then refrigerant does work (adiabatic expansion) through intercept valve and its temperature decreases. Finally, refrigerant absorbs heat isothermally from objects with higher temperature to make the object cool down. Such kind of process keeps cycling to achieve the purpose of temperature decrease.

Security system
Overheating of workroom, short circuit of heater, overload
Overpressure of refrigerating machine, overload, fuel pressure
System electric leakage protection

Technical parameter
Model THS-50 THS-100 THS-250 THS-500 THS-800 THS-010
Volume (m3) 50 100 250 500 800 1000
Inside dimension (cm) D 320 400 500 700 800 1000
W 350 500 600 800 1000 1000
H 450 500 810 900 1000 1000
Tray (standard) Two-layer Two-layer Two-layer Two-layer Two-layer Two-layer
Temperature controlling range A -20℃~+150℃ B -40℃~+150℃ C -60℃~+150℃ D -70℃~+150℃
Humidity range 20~98%R.H
Temperature acuity 0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation/ deviation ±0.1℃/±2℃
Temperature evenness ±2℃
Humidity deviation -3~+2%R.H.(75% R.H.以上);±5%R.H.(75% R.H.以下)
Heating-up time 3℃/min
Cooling-down time 0.7~1℃/min
Refrigeration system TECUMSEH compressor from France, BITZER compressor from Germany, Copelang compressor from Germany (single- or double-stage compressor)
Humiture control Fuji, TH300, TH500, Korean TEMI 2500 temperature controller (selective)
Standard configuration Operating manual, QC certificate, quality warranty; two shelves, one set of silastic plug, recorder (selective)
Supply voltage AC-220V /AC-380V      50/60HZ
Operative norm IEC68-2-1 (GB2423.1-2001), GJB150.3-86, GB2424.2-1993, GB/T5170.2-1996