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Stability test equipment
Stability test equipment
Humiture test equipment
Rapid temperature change test equipment
Walk-in test equipment
Temperature shock test equipment


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Germany CY Group (Hong Kong) Limited, founded in 1977, specializing in electrical engineering and experimental climate modeling (under conditions such as high temperature, humidity, sunlight, low temperature and so on); The products of CY Group, including low temperature climatic environment test equipment, humiture environment test equipment, stability test equipment, quick temperature change test equipment, temperature shock test equipment, etc. are widely used in areas such as automobile, aviation, electronics, pharmacy, textile, etc.

Products are made according to JIS, VW, IEC, QCT, GMW, PV, DIN, ASTM, FDA, GMP, ICH, etc.

Standard equipment manufacture started in 2011 in Jiading District, Shanghai, China, technique and product appearance controlled by Germany CY.